Together with Mr Wilhelm THEISS, born in 1934 and who is probably one of the last trained and active file cutters, I manufacture high-quality tools exclusively from stainless steel using traditional file cutting methods in our workshop in Tuttlingen.

For larger rasps with fine cuts, up to about three thousand cuts/teeth are cut per side.

Some of the file cutting machines we still use for the file cutting of many of our tools are as old as Mr Theiss and they naturally require special care and tending.

Many years of experience in the machining and processing of stainless steel into tools guarantee a consistently high quality, and we would like to convince you of this. We will be glad to consider your wishes and ideas so that we can fulfil your expectations of what a good and proper tool should be.

Concerning length, width, thickness, the type of cut from very fine to coarse, whether flat or half round, etc., etc...

If I can possibly do it, I will fulfil your wishes!